I am a fully qualified Foot Health Practitioner. I graduated from Stonebridge College in 2017 achieving a Level 3 Diploma for the Foot Health Care Practitioner. I am registered at footreg.org as I have completed a programme of study that is Nationally Accredited and recognised. I have worked in the healthcare sector since 2009.


About Me

I have been working as an FHP since 2017 in the community offering private home visits, working for care homes, learning disabilities and local care agencies. I have gained a lot of experience over the years I am independent, confident in my job role and always professional. I am very passionate about my job I always make sure that the treatments are carried out at the highest possible standards, and the satisfaction of my client is my top priority. I am always willing to advise on how to look after the feet daily to prevent pain, callus, corns, infections etc. I am very detailed in what I do and very precise.

Comfort of my client during the treatment is important for me I always carry the treatment in a nice and comfortable for the client atmosphere. The length of the appointment is personally adapted to the client's needs. It doesn't matter if you have got 1 or 10 corns the treatment will be carried out as long as the problem is solved. There is no time frame. Hygiene and cleanliness is also my top priority. My practice is always kept in a clean condition, and surfaces are disinfected between the clients. I sterilise my instruments in the autoclave at 134 celsius degrees. I go over the top to ensure you get the best possible service.

Dominika Soboczynska
S.A.C. dip RFHP




Leisure Centre, Abbey Rd, Evesham WR11 4SU

Client Feedback

Dom has been doing my mother and father in laws feet for the past couple of years! very pleasant with them both, fantastic job with with their feet , also picks up if there's any other issues. Very professional in her work. Highly recommend.

Linda W

Dominika has been doing my feet for a while now, they are so much better than before , she's always pleasant and does a really good job, I have recommended her to friends.

Lynda B

My husband and I have had a Chiropody treatment from Dominika for several years and we are both very pleased to review her work. She is highly qualified and always very friendly and professional and sets herself very high standards in her work.

Jean E

For many years I have had difficulty finding a FHP to assist with careful care for my feet. Then, I was advised to talk to Dominika. She expertly examined my feet, saw the problem and identified a solution which has been achieved. She is careful and has solved a problem…

Brian S

I am very impressed with all my appointments with Dominika she is very conscience and caring, would recommend her without a doubt.

Gillian H

Dominika has been treating my feet for over 5 years. On each visit, I find her highly professional, thorough and caring. Each time she completes my treatment I feel like I am walking on air!

Catherine W


Foot disorders

I can help with some of the foot disorders to keep you comfortable on your feet and reduce or get rid of the foot pain. I am a knowledgeable Foot Health Practitioner with many years of experience I helped many people over the years. There are many aids and props available on the market to provide you with the daily comfort of your feet. Gels, foams, toe props, metatarsal pads, Bunion protectors, hammered toe correctors and protectors, corn shields, toe spacers, gel insoles etc. I have tested many over the years and most of my clients have been very satisfied with the results. I can also advise on appropriate footwear and socks according to your needs. If the problem can't be solved I can refer you to a biomechanic specialist.


Diabetic footcare

If you are a diabetic I can carry a diabetic foot examination checking for sensation, corns, callus, infections, ulceration, and maceration. I can treat customers with diabetes and give a lot of advice on how to keep your feet in good health condition and daily foot care.