Routine nail care includes nail trimming and filing also reduction of thick nails (onychauxis) that can cause pain or discomfort. If you are not sure what treatment is right for you please contact me I am always happy to discuss options that meet your needs.



Callus is a hard yellow skin on the sole of the foot that can cause pain and discomfort.



Corns and calluses develop from repeated friction, rubbing, pressure or irritation on the foot or toes Hard Corn HD ( heloma Durum ) are the most common type of corn. It can cause pain and discomfort during walking. They must be enuculated with a scalpel or a bur to relieve the pain.

  • Soft corns - heloma molle: They are most common between the toes soft and white can also be painful will be removed with a scalpel blade.
  • Seed Corns - heloma millare: Are groups of tiny corn can be very painful like you walk on the gravel
  • Subungual corn: Corn under the nail plate.

Ingrown toenails - onychocryptosis

Skin red painful swollen with throbbing pain with puss coming out in some cases nail spike penetrates the sulcus in the event of any ingrown toenail presence the problematic toenail piece/spike will be removed to ease the pain and aftercare advice will be given until it has fully healed. In some cases, referral to the other medical professional might be necessary.


Fungal nail infections - onychomycosis

When the nail becomes discoloured, usually white, yellow or brown it becomes woody and might become thick and irregular with debris underneath and an unpleasant smell. The treatment includes reducing the thick nails clearing the fungal bits, cleaning the nails and topical treatment is advised. In some cases, other methods might be discussed and referrals might be needed to the other medical professional if the fungus is very severe and most of the nails have been affected.


Athlete's Foot - tinea pedis

A fungal skin infection usually starts between the toes. When feet stay moist warm and dark, the skin can be itchy and, scaly with visible soggy peeling of the skin in between toes in some cases. It's important to dry feet all over and between the toes after a shower or a bath it can be treated with topical creams or sprays if not treated can spread to toenails.


Cracked heels

Also known as fissures occurs when dry thick skin cracks and splits under pressure they can become very sore and painful. You can see the difference and get your comfort back just after one appointment so wait no longer and have them treated.


Ram's Horn Nail - Onychogryphosis

Is a nail disorder when nails grow thick, yellow and curved. I can't cure the problem but regular treatments can keep them under control.


Foot disorders

I can help with some of the foot disorders to keep you comfortable on your feet and reduce or get rid of the foot pain. I am a knowledgeable Foot Health Practitioner with many years of experience I helped many people over the years. There are many aids and props available on the market to provide you with the daily comfort of your feet. Gels, foams, toe props, metatarsal pads, Bunion protectors, hammered toe correctors and protectors, corn shields, toe spacers, gel insoles etc. I have tested many over the years and most of my clients have been very satisfied with the results. I can also advise on appropriate footwear and socks according to your needs. If the problem can't be solved I can refer you to a biomechanic specialist.


Diabetic footcare

If you are a diabetic I can carry a diabetic foot examination checking for sensation, corns, callus, infections, ulceration, and maceration. I can treat customers with diabetes and give a lot of advice on how to keep your feet in good health condition and daily foot care.